Totara Learn is used by many of our customers and has become one of the most widely used learning platforms within the corporate industry.

Version 10 of Totara Learn introduces new features and bug fixes to further improve usability for learners, administrators and facilitators.

What’s New?

Below is a brief overview of features that will further enhance your experience of Totara Learn.

360 Feedback Tool – Now allows users to evaluate their own performance as well as allowing feedback from a team member, colleague and manager. This can benefit the learners skills and development.

Totara 10 secreenshot

Self Completion Modules – Totara Learn have added the ability to mark completion from within a module itself, which is particularly useful if a course is set up with the single activity format (with the exception of Quiz and Lesson Activities)

Totara 10

Current Learning Block – The way the Current Learning block handles programs or certifications with only one course has been improved:

  • Now shows courses users enrolled in and when user’s enroll it will take them directly to the relevant programme/certification.
  • Users can can click on the course from the dashboard rather than doing the drop down, this reduces steps for the learner when accessing courses.

Competencies – Mark a proficiency achieved date  in a new proficiency achieved column.

There is a new Date proficiency achieved column on the Competency status report. Additionally, when setting the competency status in a user’s Learning Plan, administrators can set a Proficiency achieved date.

Featured Links Blocks – This is a customisable block that provides an easy way to navigate to both internal Totara pages and external sites. The main design feature is the use of customisable, image-based tiles. Featured Links blocks can be added to Totara Dashboards to provide a graphical interface to a Totara site, within courses, and on profile pages.

Discussion Forums – the discussion forum functionality has been significantly improved. It is now similar to popular forums you’d find online.

Course Completion Editor – Now gives more hands on control of users course completions. The editor allows you to review and edit a learners course completion record. You can also use the completion checker to display a summary of any issues that have been detected.

Recycle Bin – Gives the ability to restore course items that were accidentally deleted. Restore an entire course, activities, grades, badges etc – you decide how long items stay in the recycle bin.

User Tours – provide a set of instructions to users on certain pages. Great for staff when onboarding and using the platform for the first time. This is a tutorial of features with dialogue boxes that outlines a key elements of the site for users. Users can also end the tour at any time and it is customisable based on users roles.

Totara 10

Totara 10

Check out the full range of updates here. If you’d like to speak to one of our Totara experts about how it can help your organisation call us on +44 (0) 28 9042 2000 or email

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