Data is still a hot topic in business. Companies collect an incredible amount of data on a daily basis. Think about your organisations?

Do you have a CRM that tracks the activities of your sales team?

elearning analytics

For many the answer to this question will be, yes. The data you collect in your CRM is probably used on a daily basis to define targets, pipelines, even staff reviews.So why aren’t you using the data collected in your LMS? The simple answer to this, in most cases, is that you may not know how to use the data collected.

Your Learning Management System is also collecting an enormous amount of data that you can use to understand your learners’ behaviours, preferences, successes, and failures. The use of this data is called learning analytics, and it provides actionable intelligence for both you and your learners to improve your course design.

You can use learning analytics to gain a wide array of insights to help you improve the effectiveness of your training programs. Some important areas to consider include:

  • Monitoring the learning process.
  • Identifying problems.
  • Discovering patterns.
  • Finding early indicators for success or failure.
  • Assessing the usefulness of learning materials.
  • Increasing awareness, reflection.
  • Intervening, supervising, advising, and assisting.
  • Improving teaching, resources, and the course environment.

As learners engage with online course material, complete assignments, and take tests, your Learning Management System is collecting important data about their activities that you can use to understand how students learn best, and where they struggle most.

The more you understand your learners the better equipped you’ll be to adjust your course design to meet their learning needs.

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