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The Challenge

YouthNet empower young people (16-25 yr olds in the UK) with the support, knowledge and skills they need to lead fulfilling lives. They do this by harnessing technology for good, and running complementary digital services.

YouthNet were seeking a learning platform; a place in which young people can come together, share knowledge, make sense of challenging life experiences from job seeking, housing, sexual health to mental wellbeing, drugs and more. Most importantly, a place where services are always available and direct support from peers and experts are always at hand. They chose Synergy Learning as their partner.

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The Solution

Their aim was to create peer supported, engaging and interactive training for their volunteers to enable them to offer information, advice and guidance to young people. It was agreed that Moodle would be the best platform for the job.

The LMS consists of forums to encourage the users to participate and share knowledge with fellow their students. Interactive modules and quizzes were built to create an effective and engaging learning experience, and upon completion, the students are awarded with accreditation so that they can be recognised for their hard work, along with badges so they can show their achievement.

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The Results

Our ‘Rework’ theme package delivered a unique, fun and vibrant theme design.

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  • Customised activity design


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  • Course template


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  • Interactive Modules


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