CMS v LMS – What do you need?   What are the differences between LMS and CMS? This may seem like a basic question but it often causes some confusion for people looking for the correct software tool for their business or educational establishment. Never fear, the Synergy learning team are on hand to take you through the differences. Firstly, … Read More

Offline Learning The business world is advancing and learners expect to access information at a time that is convenient to them. It is the new level of expectancy that you have to consider when implementing a Learning Management System. Recently there has been an increase in levels of offline access allowing all learners to learn without considering connectivity issues. But why … Read More

4 Ways to Improve elearning Engagement You’ve created a great Learning Management System, job done! Right? Well, what happens if no one is using your LMS? Do not fear, it’s not only you having this issue, it’s a problem we all too often encounter. But don’t worry there is a way to improve elearning engagement. To solve the problem you … Read More

Blended Learning is the combination of online digital media with traditional classroom learning methods. It requires a facilitators to be physically present with the student. The teacher or trainer dictates the pace and path of learning. Blended Learning is becoming much more prevalent in both education and in corporate learning. Benefits include: Personalised approach – the combination of live, interactive, … Read More