As a marketer, one of the questions I get asked by clients’ time and time again is how do I market my LMS to my organisation? Of course, you want it to be love at first sight between your learners and your LMS but how can you achieve this I hear you say?


Here are 5 key tips to get your learners loving their LMS


#1 Demonstrate the LMS courses and highlight their benefits

One of the most effective ways to promote LMS courses within your organization is to show the staff how to use the system and highlight the benefits it can offer them. Make the demonstration interactive and give your learners access to the platform so they can navigate through the courses and experience its ease of use and functionality for themselves.


#2 Give learners a customized experience not a presentation

In the modern world, people are becoming less favourable to being talked at. The users learning experience should speak to all the senses, taking into consideration individual learning needs. Make use of colours, interactivity, video, games, visuals and music to achieve a multi-dimensional eLearning experience.


#3 Market…market…market

Don’t forget that the learning portal needs attention, traffic and usage from learners to be successful. If you are lucky enough to have an internal marketing team, speak to them about ways to encourage and create internal communications. Make use of interactive e-zines, weekly emails and video. Get their advice on the best ways to successfully launch the portal and generate the correct marketing messages that will continually reinforce learners to visit it.


#4 Make it responsive

Learning today is all about two-way communication, feedback and multi-device delivery. Unfortunately, there is no point having an LMS that will only operate on a desktop. A recent Ofcom report suggests that Smartphone is now the most popular way to browse the internet, so it is essential that when you are creating the learner journey that you keep this in mind. Your LMS must be the one stop shop to responsive eLearning courses, giving learners access to your learning portal allowing them to conduct courses on the go, participate in discussions and comment in real time.


#5 Lead by your brand

So you want your LMS to reflect your organization and what it stands for? Learning is one of the key business activities where employees will have to reflect and commit to change and ways of behaving, so it’s the perfect opportunity to let your brand do the talking. Brand-led learning should apply to the delivery platform itself. The learning portal should reflect the brand through design elements, tone of voice and personas.


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