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The human race are naturally creatures of habit, we don’t generally like change and are initially opposed to new ideas and concepts until we get used to the them. Implementing a new Learning Management System into the workplace is no different!

At first, your employees may not share your enthusiasm for the new Learning Management System but if you present it to them and engage them from the initial outlay, then you’re sure to be on to a winner!

Here are a few tips that you should take on board to help you engage your learners:

  • Grab attention – be thought provoking 
  • Get them to think – use open questions to get them to provide their thoughts
  • Only tell them what they need to know – bite size chunks
  • Knowledge checks – check learner knowledge
  • Tell stories – stories help learners to relate to concepts
  • Use formative assessments
  • Deliver responsive eLearning

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