New Mahara Business Partner Programme

Synergy Learning is pleased to continue our relationship and support with the new Mahara Business Partner programme.

The open source ePortfolio system, formally re-launched in September this year, aims to build upon the existing programme and attract  partners to the existing community.

Holding Mahara business partner status will enable Synergy Learning to continue to provide valuable contributions to system development servicing its worldwide user base.


Roy Kerley, CEO at Synergy Learning says;


“we are delighted to be part of this new Mahara programme. It is an exciting time for the Mahara community and we are looking forward to contributing our expertise and ideas to developing the platform which we believe will have real added value for both our own clients and our fellow partners”


Established in 2006, The Mahara eLearning portfolio system offers a fully flexible and customisable, eLearning, experience.  It combines both personal and social learning, geared towards empowering and engaging users with focus on key learning development areas best suited to specific needs.

For more information on how Synergy Learning can help you successfully implement Social Learning and ePortfolios with a  Mahara platform, get in touch by email or call us on + (0)44 28 9042 2000.