Moodle Support is one of the most in demand services at Synergy Learning.  Andrea Gordon talks us through the role she plays in keeping our clients Moodle sites running smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year.

“With Moodle developers rapidly churning out code for newer versions and 3rd party additions, there will always be the need to keep systems properly maintained and up to date with the appropriate security measures in place.

As a Systems Administrator with Synergy Learning I provide both technical and pedagogical support to ensure the smooth running of Moodle platforms. I also manage the helpdesk, allocating support queries to the appropriate members of our team.

At Synergy Learning our servers are monitored 24/7 and optimised for Moodle. Our expert team of support staff and engineers are always available should any urgent issues arise. The support I deliver on a daily basis can be directly over the phone, via email or onsite if required. Support queries can range from anything basic, i.e. adding a new user to Moodle, to very technical, i.e. configuring firewalls and DNS editing. I aim to provide my first-rate problem solving skills to all queries submitted.

In my daily role I particularly focus on developing excellent relations with our customers to give them that little bit extra with a personal approach many other large scale companies cannot provide.

Along with Moodle Support, I install, manage and maintain all client sites hosted on our servers. This entails installing sites & upgrading to latest versions, migrations over servers, integrations with external systems (Active Directory, MIS etc.) running backups, updating software, system, performance & user testing and involves in-depth knowledge and experience in both Moodle and Linux as a hosting environment. These skills I have gained working closely with an experienced team dedicated to Moodle and directly with clients in time critical conditions. I value this experience as second to none – I can guarantee, if there is a Moodle issue, we will resolve it without a doubt.

>Mahara is quickly becoming very popular within Schools and organisations as a nice user-friendly complement to Moodle. New versions for Mahara are released thick and fast so I am always on top of testing before rolling these out to clients. As we are now an official Mahara Partner at Synergy Learning, I provide the same line of support, maintenance & upgrades as our Moodle clients receive.”