Great news for Moodlers. Moodle 3.4 has just been released!

The new Moodle 3.4 has some fantastic features with main focus on improving user experience and making Moodle even more powerful.  

For all users

Better calendar management

Thanks to this Moodle Users Association (MUA) project, you can now manage your calendar much more efficiently. New features include calendar events  in a handy popup window..

Drag and drop calendar events

This new feature allows you to easily change events in  your calendar. Once created, simply drop and drag events to the new dates. This greatly increase the efficiency of Moodle’s calendar.

Private files storage display

When uploading files to your Private files, you now see how much space you have used, helping you to better manage your storage limit.

Improved Global search

If Global search is enabled, it’s now possible to search blocks and courses you are not enrolled in (but are allowed to view.)

Easier activity navigation

‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links, along with a jump-to menu make navigating around courses easier and more intuitive.

Moodle from your Mobile!

Links in the footer and user profiles now encourage you to download and use the Moodle Mobile app.

For teachers

More efficient user management

Teachers can now enrol, search, filter and bulk edit or delete learners from a new single Participants and Enrolments screen.

Mark activities as complete

A new capability ‘Override activity completion status‘ means teachers can manually mark as complete (or incomplete) activities on behalf of learners.

Helpful file type selector

When specifying required file types in workshops and assignments, and when uploading media files, a list of suggested file types makes the selection easier.

Tag database entries

Following the glossary, forum post and book chapter tagging in our last release, you can now allow learners to tag database entries.

For administrators

Inspire Analytics in core

Formerly a plugin, Analytics is now available in core, providing detailed descriptive and prescriptive reports to support learners at risk. Feedback welcome.

New filters for user tours

User tours may now be filtered by category, course and course format, making tours target more specific areas of your site.

HTTPS conversion

For sites converting to HTTPS, the HTTPS conversion tool converts your embedded HTTP content to HTTPS.

OAuth2 services trusted email

A useful checkbox gives the option of accepting OAuth2 signups without a confirmation email, useful if your organisation uses Google for its domain.

Manage all Tokens

Along with a new capability, Manage all tokens, a new admin screen displays user tokens with information and the option to delete them.

Site registration

A clearer site registration page encourages you to register your site, use the mobile app and receive useful updates. Registered sites can share courses via only.

Watch the Moodle 3.4 highlights below.

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.4 release notes.

If you would like to speak to us about upgrading your current Moodle LMS to Moodle 3.4 or if you would like more information on the latest release, please contact us or call +44 (0) 28 9042 2000.

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