Engaged learners are successful learners. Studies have shown a strong correlation between student engagement with a Learning Management System and their academic achievement.

Learner Engagement

California State University, Chico, found that students who spent more time on learning tasks within a Learning Management System, and visited the home page more often, earned higher grades. Central Queensland University also found a correlation between the number of student views on a course home page and their final grades.

The greater the engagement, the more students learn.

In a face-to-face setting, the signs of an engaged learner are obvious—eye contact, active note-taking, asking questions and volunteering answers. But in an online environment, it’s not as easy to measure a learner’s engagement.

However, learning analytics can help us understand learners’ engagement with online courses, and to identify where engagement is strongest and weakest. Finding strong and weak areas of engagement can help us understand what’s working and what aspects of the online course need some redesign.

When reviewing data consider the following questions:
  • Which elements of the course are areas of struggle?
  • Which elements of the course engage learners?
  • Which course section points prompt questioning?
  • Do learners struggle with the assessments, in general (quiz, exam, activity) and on a granular level (question or specific activity level)?
  • Do misconceptions emerge?

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