One of the most challenging aspects of employee training can be getting buy-in from the users. Staff engagement is key and one way to this is by breaking down learning into small manageable sections.

bite-sized learning

Bite-sized learning is defined as a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. This keeps the learners in control of what and when they are learning.

So, how can you implement bite-sized learning in the workplace to make learning more attractive and manageable for staff members?

Make sure learners know the relevance

First of all you need to acquaint learners with what they need to be trained on. In the workplace, this shouldn’t be a difficult task. Employees will understand what key areas that are pivotal to their progression. Once they are convinced that training will help them advance and enhance their performance at work they will be engaged.

Give them freedom to learn

Learning in small bite-sized nuggets provide staff with the opportunity to choose what they want to learn. The should also be given the freedom to choose the time, pace and content they want to learn.

What’s new to learn?

Ensure that your workforce are taught something new that has a fair connectivity with their existing knowledge. Bite-sized learning helps to bridge the gap of what they do know and what they don’t know.


Bite-sized modules, as mentioned, help staff learn faster unlike traditional online courses that are lengthy. When employees realise they are going through a five minute online module that can be applied immediately, they are motivated to learn.

Provide solutions

In today’s busy work environments, staff members tend to learn only when they think learning provides a solution. Short and precise bite-sized modules offer a solution to this problem.

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