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Having recently just celebrated their 10th birthday, Mahara is now set to release the new 16.10 version at the end of the month.

The new version promises to include some major new features which makes it a very exciting release.


So what’s the features creating the buzz?

If you’re a frequent user of competency frameworks within Mahara, you will be delighted to hear the words SmartEvidence.


#1 SmartEvidence

This is the biggest and most interesting feature of 16.10 to date. SmartEvidence marries up a personal learning environment focused on students and meeting competencies frameworks, standards and skills. By using a competency framework and an evidence map, tutors can visualise where a student is in their learning journey.

The feature is still evolving under development, but users can work with this to start developing their own competency frameworks.

You can also view a brief demo of SmartEvidence features here



New media Mahara 16.10#2 New Media File Formats

There is now improved functionality to allow administrators to embed more audio and video file formats in the embedded media blocks.

  • 3GPP
  • OGG audio
  • WEBM video

For more information, visit the compatibility table to find out, which browsers support these formats.


Hide comments Mahara 16.10#3 Hide deleted comments

Users can now delete hidden comments when they are not needed for context. The comment author will be notified and will have the ability to put them back in if they so wish. Find out more information “Page comments


Administer Groups Mahara 16.10#4 Administer groups

You can duplicate a group very easily. This is particularly good in the scenario where you have several student groups with the same set of pages and instructions but you may want to make a minor change such as changing the name of the instructor in one group. You can easily duplicate a group and make the change rather than setting up a new group from scratch.


Suspended and Expired Users Mahara 16.10#5 Mark suspended and expired users

Inactive or suspended users are now highlighted in the administrator’s user search. This makes it easy to find and deal with these groups of people. For more information on how this works see ‘user search’ section here.


Clear Caches Mahara 16.10#6 Clear caches button

It is now possible to clear caches directly on the Mahara homepage. If you make changes to the navigation for example, you don’t need to ask students to reload multiple times. You can clear caches easily via the ‘clear caches’ button on the Admin Home page if you are a site administrator.


What else does Mahara 16.10 have to offer?

We have summarised six of the key features in the new Mahara release but there are other features such as removing persona authentication that you and your team can benefit from, making this release one of the most exciting to date.

Check out the complete list of new features in Mahara 16.10 here.


Contact Us

If you are interested in what Mahara 16.10 has to offer or would like to upgrade your existing Mahara site, please get in touch. Contact info@www.synergy-learning.com or call +44 (0) 28 9042 2000