It’s now more important than ever to engage with your workforce, studies have shown that workplaces that have an active staff outreach programme, record better levels of productivity.

But it’s worth breaking your workforce down into segments. Millennials are an extremely important group, especially when looking to the future of your organisation.


Who are Millenials?

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are people who were born between early 1980’s to early 2000’s. They are the masters of this age and are drivers of change. There are 92 million millennials in the US alone. They have high influence over older generations and are trendsetters across all industries from food to fashion. Companies have found difficulty connecting with this particular generation because many traditional methods have proven ineffective at capturing their attention.

Millennials are constantly online, they can access information on demand through their smart phones. These statistics prove just how active they are:

  • 90% create content for the net at least monthly
  • 83% have posted a picture online at least once a week
  • 76% visit YouTube weekly
  • 59% look to the internet as their main source of entertainment
  • 56% have followed through after watching ads on YouTube
  • 55% are connected to 100 or more people through social media
Why are they important?

Millennials are the fastest-growing, most diverse generation of consumers in the world, and their buying power is going to take over that of Baby boomers in 2017!  46% of millennial men and women, respectively, have earned a degree or better, compared with 31% and 34%, respectively, for Gen X. This means that as a group they are a more skilled workforce. This higher level of education comes at a price. Millennials are much more likely to job hop with the average tenure recorded in 2016 as 13 months.

You’ll no doubt want to retain your staff and implementing a LMS could help in this pursuit.

How can a LMS help?

If a Learning Management System can reflect features millennials are familiar with in their everyday life it has more chance of engaging them.

Totara Learn offers a modern and scalable LMS configured with these features, including:

  • Personal profiles including bios and pictures
  • Communities
  • Customised schedules and alerts
  • Social learning tools
  • A mentorship program
  • Mobile-ready courses for learning anytime, anywhere
How do you use these tools to engage?

It’s important to communicate your positive company ethos. Millennials look beyond profit and loss when they decide to stick with a company.

With the rise of remote working Millennial learners are are increasingly from a diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Thus your course content and course accessibility should reflect this. Ensure it’s engaging and appropriate.

Millennials are ‘social butterflies’, they’ve been brought up in a world of social media therefore they flourish in social environments. This makes Millennials ideal candidates for collaborative learning strategies.

Millennials notoriously have a short attention spans, so ditch the large chunks of text and opt for video content.

Gamify your learning, reward, motivate and engage with your learners by making learning a competition. Course completion will become badges of honour in the workplace.

Provide feedback and the more instantaneous this is the better, Millennials are used to getting results and gaining feedback quickly. They want to better themselves and giving feedback will help them along the way.

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Source: ForbesTotara Learn