What to do with all that data? Data. Lots of Data! Whether you’re using Moodle, Totara or Mahara you’ve more than likely collected a lot of user data. This data can give you all kinds of insight about your learners activities. You know things like; what learning modules each learner has registered for, how much time they’ve spent, whether they … Read More

Can you use Social Media in elearning? At the beginning of 2017 22% of the world’s population had a Facebook account and there were over 450 million LinkedIn Profiles. Social media has become a huge part of society, people make purchases through social media, interact with their families and find jobs through social channels. We make social media our own, … Read More

6 Excellent Examples of our Work Our team of experts pride themselves on the creative approach and take care when  crafting the user experience for all devices, when using Moodle, Totara or Mahara as your learning platform. We like to make our sites stand out from the crowd, but most importantly we make sure they achieve results! Often we don’t shout … Read More

The value of video in elearning There is absolutely no doubt that everyone loves video and it’s commonly regarded as a great investment for your website, but is it a great addition to your elearning courses? Video is the easiest and most engaging way to consume information. It’s flexible, it’s relevant and most importantly it runs on most devices. People … Read More

People often hear the word ‘gamification’ and think of teenagers playing their games consoles but ‘gamification’ sometimes doesn’t involve playing games at all… The theory of gamification plays on people’s natural desire to strive for socialising, learning and most importantly mastery. In terms of elearning, gamification is often applied to specific learning outcomes. This means that you will often have … Read More

6 top tips for better elearning Are you struggling with low engagement rates with your elearning solution? Or perhaps you are thinking of implementing a system but just aren’t sure of where to start? These six top tips will give you guidance on how to achieve better elearning no matter what stage you’re at: 1. Be Responsive Your elearning course … Read More

Better Blended Learning Over the last decade blended learning has advanced significantly, largely due to the incorporation of Learning Management Software (LMS). In the past LMS would have provided the online courses for learners but now there is the theory that students and staff should be provided with resources not courses. When implementing a blended learning model, it is important … Read More

We’ve picked out 3 of the most exciting potential advancements to look out for… 2017 saw an explosion of wearable technology with the introduction of virtual reality headsets, smartwatches and fitness devices to the mass market. The creation of these products means that organisations can now get more creative about designing fully immersive learning experiences. There’s huge potential for Virtual … Read More

5 common myths about Open Source Software After some inspiration from Totara Learn we’ve decided to explore some of the myths relating to Open Source. There are some common misconceptions but why is Open Source Software is used by some of the world’s largest organisations. 1. Open source is less secure Often organisations point to security issues when looking into … Read More

CMS v LMS – What do you need?   What are the differences between LMS and CMS? This may seem like a basic question but it often causes some confusion for people looking for the correct software tool for their business or educational establishment. Never fear, the Synergy learning team are on hand to take you through the differences. Firstly, … Read More