Here at Synergy Learning we have our crystal ball out and we are looking forward to 2018.

Based on trends we have seen in the last year we’ve compiled a list of the top ten business trends to look out for in 2018 and how some of them might impact on elearning.

business trends

  1. Remote working – with the advancement in technology remote work will become even easier to manage. Communication tools like Slack will help employees collaborate better. Training remote workers has become even easier with Open Source LMS like Moodle and Totara providing offline mobile features.
  2. Flexible work – As collaborative workspaces like WeWork become more popular and open up more spaces, flexible work will become a bigger trend. This means that your staff will work their hours to fit around their personal lives rather than the other way around.
  3. Millennials will have even more power – as mentioned in a previous blog millennials will move into higher positions of power in their respective companies and in turn they will have decision making abilities, thus making the workplace more advanced.
  4. Work-Life balance – over the last few years companies having been taking this more and more seriously. In 2018 companies will trust their staff to have more downtown with the aim of being more productive at work.
  5. Workplace diversity – companies are beginning to have a stronger focus on workplace diversity and they will see it as a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is further enhanced by the implementation of an LMS with multiple language translations.
  6. More metrics – Apps will be talking to each other to send data across platforms, making measuring so much easier and more powerful. Metrics will also play a large role in LMS administration – report on staff training in real time.
  7. Transparency – as companies continue to use collaborative tools 2018 will be the year of increased transparency.
  8. Empowered employees – Employees will be more empowered when it comes to decision making, they will research relevant information and present informed business cases. When it comes to elearning this trend will be even more noticeable as employees take charge of their own development and immerse themselves in Social learning management platforms.
  9. Corporate social responsibility – More companies will see an importance of giving back and will implement socially responsible programmes. Here at Synergy Learning we give back 1% of our time through our own programmes.
  10. Constant improvement – Company objectives will be set and will be achieved by an increased focus on employee development. Programmes will be put in place to help educate staff to allow them to positively impact on the company’s goals.

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