The Social Media age is well and truly upon us, so why not make learning social? Totara Social is a place to learn and work collaboratively with idea of taking water cooler conversations online. Recent research found that 41% of Millennials admit to using Social Networks every day – so why not combine this familiarity with creating a profile, networking, contributing  and connecting online with learning? Find out the benefits of making Learning Social.

Share Ideas

Save Time 

No time is wasted waiting to be trained: Social learning creates a situation where an employee, even a new employee, can rely on online support from their peers. This will help eliminate day to day issues on the job. Discussions can be had online without impacting on productivity.

Save Time

Get Quick Responses

Get immediate answers to your questions – solving a problem in real time is much more beneficial than having to wait on an answer. In the information age people expect immediate answers to questions and research has shown that this is the best way to learn. Totara Social allows users to ask a question, define who the question goes to and also give users the opportunity to vote on the best answers. Often for new employees it’s often intimidating asking questions in the classroom environment. Social learning completely dismisses these fears – people are much more confident in social channels when they are able to articulate their questions without a face to face audience.

Team work

 Review and learn in your own time

When answers are readily available online they can be reviewed over and over again – until learning has taken place. Senior team members can write blogs with specific areas of interest meaning that content is always fresh and relevant.


Exercise your expertise and Show Leadership

If expertise has been developed, that knowledge can then be shared – Totara Social allows users to harness this knowledge and create their own digital profile/resume or skill set based on contributions to the site. These contributions by senior team members can be facilitated and encouraged by an environment that rewards top performers with measurable recognition. This can play a big role in growing talent in the organisation.


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