Did you know humans have a lower attention span than a goldfish?

Research indicates that the average human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Goldfish are still ahead of us with an attention span of 9 seconds.

You just have 8 seconds to engage your online learners or else you could be in danger of losing them.

Here’s ten tips to hook your learners, in just 8 seconds…

  1. Open with an interesting fact or fiction – Present attention grabbing figures or facts – did you know…
  2. Throw a challenge – Get your learners out of their comfort zone and simulate their thinking.
  3. Ask for information – Ask learners their thoughts, opinions and answers.
  4. Let learners play games – Allow them to explore, try, fail and learn from their mistakes through games.
  5. Include interactions – Interactivity and engagement go hand-in-hand. Use interactions that help fulfil learning objectives.
  6. Use videos – Who doesn’t like watching videos? Use videos to increase the rate at which learners retain information.
  7. Make content visually appealing – Use high quality photos, images, videos and infographics which are relevant to your content.
  8. Incorporate a tone of voice – Creating a persona can go a long way in helping learners remember content – keep your wording of questions consistent and ensure your course content has a personality.
  9. Mix and match – As the old saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’. Present your content through case studies, scenarios and real life examples, stories and analogies, etc.
  10. What’s in it for me? Answer this question for your learners at the very beginning, so that they stay motivated and focused.

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