Did you know that a recent study found 47% of organisations currently use mobile devices in their training programs.

Mobile learning

Roughly half of all businesses understand the importance of providing mobile-friendly content to their employees. They know that it boosts engagement and knowledge retention.

As such, their staff get more from the mobile learning experience, and organisations get more from their corporate elearning budgets.

With this in mind we thought we’d take you through 8 important design considerations when using mobile learning.

  1. Ergonomics of the design – Consider how people hold their devices, place content for optimum usability.
  2. Content creation – Rework desktop elearning content to optimise for smaller screens.
  3. Bite-sized learning – Break the content down into manageable chunks to satisfy the need for rapid learning.
  4. Size of content – Streamline your content to ensure minimal download times.
  5. Online safety – Consider security features at the design stage, including rules of engagement for staff.
  6. Accommodate different learning styles – Engage learners by using a variety of mobile friendly formats. For example Videos, podcasts and sound bites.
  7. Device choices – Agree a device strategy to determine if adaptive or responsive design is required.
  8. Test, test, test – Create a beta test group within your organisation. Ensure full testing takes place before launch. There’s nothing worse than a poor user experience on a new course.

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