Have you implemented a LMS yet?

If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then you’re going to want to take note of these 5 tips to help you make the right choice. Implementing a system can be a major decision for your organisation and could impact every member of the team. With this in mind it’s important to…

  1. Do your research – Don’t get taken in by the excitement of something new, if you hear an idea that you find exciting, read up on it as much as possible before signing off. Make sure you are reading up from valid sources and don’t believe something just because you read it on the internet. Look for a neutral voice that provides a detailed analysis looking at both pros and cons.
  1. Be careful of bias – Again, often in the digital age you can find information to support almost any viewpoint. Avoid overly biased articles and look for balanced perspectives.
  1. Question yourself – This point is arguably the most important, question yourself. What are your expectations of a learning management system? What do you want it to do and how do your personal goals align with those of your organisation? Once you have the answers to these questions you can begin to move forward with your decision making process.
  2. Remember that any new system is just a tool – Every tool comes with its own possibilities and limitations, and the effectiveness of the tool is ultimately determined by the way in which it is implemented and used. If your organisation does not adapt to the new system then ultimately there needs to be a change in culture.
  1. Make sure your system is futureproof – It’s important that whatever learning management system you implement has regular updates to fit with your organisation’s needs. Moodle and Totara, for example, release regular community driven updates. Research Roadmaps and understand what features the company intends to develop.

Hopefully those five pointers give you a good indication of the different things to consider before implementing a learning management system. If you need any further clarification feel free to contact our elearning experts on +44 (0) 28 9042 2000 or email info@www.synergy-learning.com.

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