2018 is here and as ever the elearning landscape is changing at a dramatic pace, but never fear, Synergy Learning are here to give you a heads up as we explore five elearning trends to watch out for in 2018.

elearning trends

First up, a few statistics!

Corporate learning is up 900% in the past 15 years, so if you still haven’t employed a learning strategy you’re falling behind, way behind! There’s no doubt that this growth has been impacted by easier access to technology.

There’s been a steady increase as seen in the number of companies investing in Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other educational tools to train their employees. With this trend kicking in, there is no surprise that the elearning industry is all set to become a global phenomenon by the end of this decade.

With this in mind, here’s five trends to look out for:

  1. Mobile Learning

Taking advantage of mobile becoming an inevitable part of our lives, elearning has brought out the concept of “Learn anything, anywhere, anytime”. New research suggests that millennials rarely have their mobile devices over one meter away from them.

This makes mobile learning the most convenient way of learning, learners have instant access to course material and it’s never out of reach, quite literally.

According to elogiclearning.com, more than 67% of the people now use their mobiles for learning. Modern businesses comprise a lot of Millennials who are glued to their phones.

This is why organisations look at mobile learning as the most efficient way to train them.

The flexibility in usage and the accessibility of the devices are banked upon by learning providers who have ensured that their product is mobile friendly. With videos and quizzes already existing as a part of mobile learning, more forms of learning are due to open up in the future.

  1. Bite-sized learning

With bite-sized, the learning modules need to be kept short and sweet. The various formats here include videos, audio files, quick reads etc. These are spaced out with regular assessments or quizzes and surveys to test the knowledge gained. Inspiring a student to learn in a short interval of time, is what made bite-sized learning a massive hit. Studies have already proved that the human brain retains/absorbs data when presented in small snippets. This is exactly what bite-sized learning does!

  1. Gamification

Many see gamification as the future of elearning and it’s stock has steadily been rising. Elearning modules often overload learners with information and don’t think about what incentivises users to learn and this ultimately disengages learners – this is where gamification comes in. Gamification promises to keep an employee engaged in the process of obtaining knowledge. It may be a new way of explaining concepts or the interface in which a quiz is presented, the opportunities for gamification are endless.

According to a survey, 53% of technology stakeholders said that by 2020, the use of gamification will be widespread. The ease of creation and adaptation to different areas of study makes gamification a great value addition to elearning.

  1. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Technology

As discussed in previous blogs there is nothing that makes information stick more than learning in real world scenarios. With this in mind more and more businesses are using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to bring employees closer to real world, risk free workplace tasks. Although these measures may be expensive to implement, in the long term they will allow businesses to save on staff retention and compliance training.

  1. Open and Flexible Systems

Gone are those days when ‘one size fits all’ training model would work for companies. Every organisation has a particular set of requirements and it is highly impossible to accommodate them in a concrete Learning Management System. Today, a lot of organisations are moving towards Learning Management Systems which can accommodate changing needs regularly.

They are in need of tools that freely integrate and extend functionality that fits their business best.  In case of any change in technology which a company uses, a new open source LMS would accommodate it with ease.

Change is inevitable. If you’d like to know how we can help your organisation with the latest learning trends call us on on +44 (0) 28 9042 2000 or email info@synergy-learning.com.

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