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Content for any Learning Management System is fundamental to your employee’s learning to ensure that you get the best value from it but most importantly to ensure that your employees are learning in the correct way, to the correct expectations and standards that allows them to excel in their job roles.


So how do you ensure that your content is successfully managed?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…4


#1 Ensure your content is in line with your Learning Management System goals

There is no point in designing content that is not in line with your organisation’s goals. When structuring your content, ensure that you continually refer back to your end goals and primary learning outcomes.


#2 Appoint a ‘content team’

Appoint an owner for each piece of content in your Learning Management System. The most logical way to do this is to appoint a team of people who are experts in their subject areas and make them responsible for each piece of content.


#3 Review content regularly

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular saying that ‘Content is King,’ so ensure that you review it regularly with your ‘content team’ and update material to keep employees challenged and up to date with the latest policies, processes and techniques.


#4 Talk to your employees

At the end of the day, your employees are the people who have to work with the system and the content materials, so talk to them! Get their feedback and take on board what they have to say about their learning experiences! As BT say ‘it’s good to talk’


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