Learning Management Systems are more feature rich than ever and today’s employees are more demanding than ever, both in terms of their thirst for knowledge and progression and in when it comes to training standards. They now expect personalised, engaging content and intuitive technology.

It might be difficult to find a Learning Management System that accommodates everything they need to succeed. With this in mind we’ve put together three essential LMS features you need to consider to give your staff members a great learning experience.

Learning Management for business

1. Gamification

Your employees are your valuable asset, that’s why a learning management system should allow them enjoy what they do by adding a very exciting feature to the system which is gamification. Gamification is the ideal tool that uses game theory to maximise business outcomes while being less expensive that offering employees  incentives. Instead you increase productivity by gamifying their learning.  

2. Single Sign-On

A learning management system allows for Single Sign-on. An integration with your supported user database allows you to support logins, to the same type of application, within your network that use a common authentication mechanism. These services request and verify your credentials after you log into the network, and use your credentials to determine the actions that you can perform based on your user rights. Sounds complicated but this could improve your users learning experience and makes the system much more accessible.

3. Blended Learning

Blended Learning is the combination of online digital media with traditional classroom learning methods.It requires a facilitators to be physically present with the learners. The trainer dictates the pace and path of learning. Blended Learning is becoming much more prevalent in corporate learning as well as education.

Blended learning can help large organisations  streamline the whole training process.  Blended learning can help personalise learning which, as mentioned is imperative in the modern workplace. The combination of live, interactive blended learning, face-to-face instruction along with digital content and personalised learning strategies also helps to increase learner engagement.

As mentioned Learning Management Systems are now extremely feature rich and sifting through features could be a challenging process. It’s important to align your business and learning goals with the features that are required and desirable in a LMS.

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