Have you ever taken time out of your hectic schedule to sit back and think about what eLearning is and are you getting the most from it?

Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about eLearning and what it is. Make sure you don’t fall into the following traps:


#1 eLearning requires minimum effort

I’m sure many of you know and understand the benefits that eLearning can bring. Commonly, individuals believe that all they need to do is invest one-off time in their learning programme and that is it. eLearning needs to be proactively managed on a continual basis to get maximum benefit. Information needs to be regularly kept up to date to ensure employees are being trained on accurate materials.


#2 Anyone can manage the company’s eLearning programme

There is a common misconception that eLearning can be managed by anyone in the organisation. This is the wrong approach to take. Ideally there needs to be a small team of people to manage the platform who have strong technological skills with a passion for the learning platform, coupled with an understanding and dedication to the company learning objectives. Consistency is also key in ensuring initial uptake and return visits to the platform with your learners.


#3 eLearning does not involve as much interaction as classroom learning

Many believe that eLearning will involve them sitting in front of a computer screen and reading materials. eLearning in fact can be anything you want it to be. It can be as interactive as you want it to be. The Totara social platform offered here at Synergy Learning is a fully interactive social learning platform that encourages participants to fully engage and interact with others and share their knowledge in an informal manner, yet still educating and informing others. It is a perfect combination in the delivery of a blended learning programme.


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